From simple assembly to complicated mechanism assembly and to complete finished goods assembly, we have the experience and capabilities.

Metal Stamping

40 plus years of experience including in-house design and tool making. Short leadtime support for modification and R&D support.


Sheet Metal

Meeting your low volume, die-less and short lead time manufacturing needs.


PCB Assembly

20 plus years’ experience with total PCBA facilities from Auto-Insertion, Manual Insertion to complete finished goods assembly.

CNC Machining

Catering to high precision machining supported by various secondary processes such as hairline, shot blasting, vibratory processes, etc.


Offering a wide range of welding processes and supported by consistent welding jigs made in-house.

Roll forming

More than 10 years’ experience and expertise in managing roll form machines for tight tolerance products. We offer model change capability to help lower your cost of machine investment.

Secondary Processes

A wide range of in-house secondary processes to maintain quality, reduce handling and improve cost efficiency.


The heart of metal stamping, we nurture our in-house expertise for over 40 years to ensure our continuous capability to stamp high precision parts at a competitive cost.