Ban Seng Lee Industries Sdn. Bhd.

Manufacturing Services

Contract Manufacturing

Our contract manufacturing model consist of utilizing in-house produced components, purchased components and/or consigned components to completely assemble the end product, then followed by packing, warehousing and delivery.

We are equally adapt at both high volume and also high mix low volume (HMLV) manufacturing.

Our engineering team will liaise with client on various product requirements, obtain product and process approval including the set-up of final assembly line. We will also assist clients to obtain the necessary certifications for their products.

Component making

We offer 3 core processes for metal fabrication works.

  1. Low volume – sheet metal (laser cutting, turret punching and CNC bending)
  2. Mid volume – metal stamping (progressive, robot and manual stamping)
  3. High volume – roll forming processes.

These processes are supported by many secondary processes in-house such as powder coat, silk screen, tapping, rivet, welding, hairline, CNC machining, sub-assembly, etc.

PCB assembly

We have 8 lines of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) machines, 15 units of AV, RH and JVK insertion machines and 8 Manual Insertion lines. All the SMT lines are equipped with Automated Optical Inspection machines.

Manufacturing Services